Version 0.13.0 of the Isso comment system released

Isso is a Python-based commenting system that you can host yourself, so that users’ comments are not stored on third-party servers.

Isso had two problems for a long time. First, development was a bit slow at times. And second, which was the bigger problem, only one person could publish new versions. And this person had, and probably still has, a lot to do in real life.

This has changed since version 0.12.6. New developers are participating and the necessary rights to release new versions are available. So a little less than 24 hours ago version 0.13.0 was released. The changes are quite extensive and can be read at

Furthermore Isso is now accessible via and shall be continued as a community project.

I have already updated the Isso instance I use on to version 0.13.0. I only had to update the CSS file afterwards, because it was fundamentally overhauled by the Isso developers.


I reserve the right not to activate comments. The activation of comments can also take several days.